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trucking bookkeeping services

The bookkeeper will then be able to use the receipts to prepare accurate monthly profit and loss statements for your business. If you ever need any of these files back, a good bookkeeper will be able to easily find and send back electronic copies of the receipts or files that you need at any time. Truckers should maintain separate accounts for personal and business expenses to make it easier to track and prove a clear separation between personal and business expenses. Quickbooks has all of the automation features that businesses need in order to automate, track time and keep track of what employees are doing on an hourly basis. While it’s not the simplest solution, it is the most robust option for other trucker bookkeeping needs. Even if you are updating your books daily, you still need to check your finances regularly.

trucking bookkeeping services

Accurate financial data can also help companies avoid penalties for non-compliance with tax regulations, saving them money in the long run. Many bookkeeping services online help with tax preparation for truck drivers. Integrating your tax filing with your bookkeeping can save time and ensure accuracy. Bookkeeping and tax services specially designed for trucking companies also make it easy to access and complete all required tax forms for your business. Keeping accurate books may not be the most exciting aspect of managing your trucking business, but it’s essential to maintaining its success.

Run your Trucking Business Worry-free

Now that you know what you need to do, it’s time to start implementing good habits and putting your truck driver accounting processes to the test. For starters, you should make sure you have all of the tools you need. Start with a notebook, an app, a pen and some envelopes to begin keeping your books clean and tidy.

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People: Alina Johnson promoted by Peterbilt Truck Parts & Equipment and Silver State International.

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Small Business Administration’s registration site to learn how to register your business on local, state, and federal levels. Every trucker’s situation is different, so talk to our experts if you need help determining the best type of registration for your company. In most states, you must renew your trucking license every five years. It is a nine-digit number used by the IRS to identify taxpayers who are required to file business tax returns. This includes employers, corporations, partnerships, and other business entities.

Best Trucking Bookkeeping Services

Comparing your data to other owner-operators allows you to see the areas where your business is performing better than your peers, as well as the areas where you can improve. A good bookkeeper will be able to use this information to help you figure out where to make adjustments in your business to both earn and keep more money. With a secure portal, you can log in to your personal account at any time and know that your information is safely password-protected. When you log in to the portal to review your data, you should also look for a bookkeeper that will allow you to call and ask questions without charging extra fees. There aren’t any coaches or mentors for bookkeepers in the trucking industry. This is a niche that is wide open for ambitious entrepreneurs, new and experienced.

The bookkeeper should be able to archive all of your important paperwork in their secure database. Providing your documents should be as easy as sending in pictures, scanning and emailing them, or mailing them to the bookkeeper. Processing payroll for a trucking company can be different than most other industries. Since drivers can be compensated by the truckload or miles driven instead of receiving a monthly or weekly paycheck, it can be confusing and time-consuming without a proper system.

What are the most common expenses for truckers?

With cash-based accounting, you only count any money you get paid when you receive it. This is the simplest system to make sure you keep track of everything. Deferring your expenses to a business credit card and paying them off in full before interest accrues can be a helpful way to purchase what you need right away.

Since you cannot have a license from more than one state, drivers must get their license from their home state. You can schedule to renew your trucking license at any testing center, trucking bookkeeping services or online. You’ll need to prepare to take the written test as well as the vision test. Trucking management software (TMS) can help you keep track of everything easily.

Use a Separate Credit Card for Business Purchases

Yes, many trucking companies outsource trucking accounting services to third-party providers. Outsourcing is a cost-effective way to manage your financial records while allowing you to focus on running your business. When outsourcing, it’s important to choose a reputable provider with experience working with trucking companies. Trucking accounting services manage finances efficiently, make informed business decisions, and comply with tax regulations.

We also provide tri-state trucking services for many other types of cargo to meet your trucking needs. Our fleet of domestic trailers are ready for your waste paper, recycling and trucking needs. If your rig weighs over 55,000 pounds, you are required to file a Form 2290 for tax purposes.


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