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25 Sober Activities That Are Fun & Fulfilling

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That means there are tons of great options — and we don’t mean new versions of Monopoly. Invite a few family members or new friends and break out the board games. You don’t need sober friends or even sober curious friends to have fun without drinking. Sometimes spending time with yourself is just as good. Relaxation, socialization, and fun are all important to well-being, and they’re important to recovery too.

For instance, you can still go to concerts, weddings, family gatherings, and restaurants, and have a great time there. Furthermore, you get to remember the events the next day with a clear head. In the height of your addiction, you likely did most things (if not everything) high or with a drink in hand. For some while, you came to know how to approach situations while under the influence.

Ways to Discover Sober Inspiration

BoardGameGeek is a great resource for finding new games with how-to videos and player recommendations. Get double the health benefits from ditching the bottle of wine and joining a fitness club. Gyms aren’t for everyone, but there are plenty of exercise options out there. Try a new martial art like boxing or jiu jitsu, or join a running club and be social while you get your sweat on. Let your imagination paint the scene as you read through a novel. Reading improves your cognitive function, builds your vocabulary, and has also helped fight depression!

  • Hanging out with friends, going to concerts, or even grabbing a bite to eat can all end up involving drinking—even when it wasn’t part of the original plan.
  • Snacks and non-alcoholic drinks top it all off.
  • Be present with your loved one and create new and memorable experiences together.
  • In recovery, you have the opportunity to paint, write, or create in any way that you feel called to.
  • No one’s judging your singing abilities.
  • It’s also great when you’re just trying to find fun things to do that don’t result in a foggy morning-after.

You may feel like you have too much time on your hands or bummed out that you are passing up weekend parties with your friends for the sake of sobriety. Perhaps you are just intimidated by the idea of entering weekend-mode sober. Sometimes the greatest gifts come from investing in our surroundings. Check out your neighborhood newsletter for any upcoming events. You can throw a block party, help plan holiday festivities, or get involved at your local community center. This can give you a chance to connect with people of all ages and take pride in the place you live.

Pursue a Sober Life at The Sanctuary at Sedona

Get in touch with your family (chosen family works too!), and ask them how they’re feeling right now. Brush up on your basic survival skills and create preparedness plans for any emergencies in your area. Get inspired to live minimally by joining me in my love for the Never Too Small channel on YouTube. Pack some hot cocoa (and a sweater since it’s getting chilly) and catch a sunset at the highest point in town.

Sober Grad Night Draws Over 100 For Food, Fun – Escalon Times

Sober Grad Night Draws Over 100 For Food, Fun.

Posted: Tue, 06 Jun 2023 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Hop in the car, crank the volume on your collaborative playlist and drive off into the sunset together. These programs take place at Promises Behavioral Health, where people from your area have learned how sober houses in dorchester ma to stay sober and enjoy their new lifestyle. Find a sober friend to go to the gym with you, play basketball, or enjoy some tennis. You can also hike together or explore new places you have never been to.

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The opportunities are endless, but at the very least, taking a pottery class can be a unique activity that helps you get creative and have some fun. Spending time in nature can be a great way to have sober fun, either solo or with some friends. Whether it’s in the form of going to the beach, a lake, or into the woods for a hike, there are so many different ways to experience the joy of nature. Hanging out in nature solo can also be incredibly therapeutic and restorative to your spirit. Finding ways to nurture your own mental health and wellbeing in sobriety is a top recommendation from therapists at Monument. This can include taking baths, journaling, meditating, or going to therapy.

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If you love wine, you can skip the alcohol without skipping the wine thanks to Surely! Want the antioxidant boost without the headache? Try our pinot noir, or if you’re more of a bubbles fan, grab our 4 pack of canned brut. What is there to do instead of drinking to relax? There are plenty of ways to relax without alcohol, including massage, yoga, unwinding with a book or podcast, or journaling.


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